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Testimonials from former pupils:
"...I usually love a good ol' challenge, but driving was one I just couldn't face in the past. I felt at ease the moment I met my instructor; Malcolm brought the necessary calm, controlled instruction needed to get my confidence and skills up to a level which allowed me to pass my test on the first attempt. Thanks again!!..."

Vero P

"...I drove my first pickup truck on Saturday - a Toyota Tacoma. It was by far the biggest car I've driven to date, and it took a lot of balls to drive. At first, my main concern was just handling the truck and keep it positioned correctly in the road, but the worst part of the experience was towards the end of the evening - Chicago being what it is, I found myself in a part of town where there had been a shooting, and there were consequently police cars everywhere.

Turning into a side road with parked cars on both sides, I found that my way was blocked by a pair of police cars interrogating some suspects, and I was forced to perform a three-point turn in the narrowest road I've seen in a while, in the biggest car I've ever driven. I found someone's driveway to give me some extra room, but nonetheless I drove as slowly as I could, turning the wheel like Beelzebub himself had commanded me to do so. I had managed to extend the turn into five points, but just as I was on the last two, two more police cars came into the side road, patiently waiting for me to complete my maneuver.

So, there I was taking up the whole road in the middle of a five-point turn, tell myself to hurry up so as not to p*** off Chicago's finest, but also telling myself to be absolutely careful not to hit ANYTHING, least of all the vehicles of said finest. I'm happy to report that I executed the turn to the approval of the onlooking policemen. So there you have it - you trained me so well that I can do it in a car twice as big as the one you taught me in, with representatives of the Chicago law enforcement community inspecting for quality control..."

Mikki S, now in Chigaco, USA

"...Having been a dyed-in-the-wool motorcyclist for the past twenty something years I have to say that I was more than a little nervous about learning to drive. The last car I had control of was a three-litre Granada back in the 1980s that, using all my natural skills and abilities, I reversed at speed into a large building.

So, as you can probably imagine, the thought of being let loose in a car on the public roads again was more than a little on the scary side. However, once Malcolm had opened the window and all the butterflies that’d taken up residence in my digestive tract had made a break for freedom, it actually all went rather well.

Despite being almost as old as God’s dog, I actually have no idea what most of the controls in a car do or how they work, but he explained them all in a relaxed manner and immediately put me at my ease and, once we’d swapped seats and I was now the one behind the steering wheel, his easy-going manner allowed me to relax and just concentrate on what I was doing without any pressure.

The initial lesson lasted two hours and in that time he covered absolutely everything I needed to know from the basics of how a car works to road positioning to how to hold the steering wheel properly and, despite the fact that it took me a while to get my head around the fact that cars, unlike motorcycles, have a non-linear gearbox, he continued to talk me through every manoeuvre no matter how small.

I got into the car with more than a slight feeling of trepidation, but I got out totally fired-up for my next lesson..."

Nik Samson, Editor of 100% Biker magazine, formerly Editor of Back Street Heroes and Streetfighters magazines

"...Just to say many thanks for getting both our boys through their test 1st time, they are both confident and careful drivers. Nick is getting some good miles practice in driving us to various University open days!..."

Sally and Jon R

" ... Hi Malcolm - I just wanted to say thank you so much from me and my parents for teaching me to drive. I really enjoyed learning, and am still loving it, (although for how much longer I'm not sure!). I hope everything is well with you, and thanks again..."

Jess B

"...Thank you for the lessons - I know Tracey has enjoyed them and it has been a really positive experience for her..."

Bob & Tracey C-W

"... A thousand thank you's..."

Sue W

"...Just to say Thank You for helping me to pass my test; I couldn't be happier..."

Steven M

"...It has been a pleasure having an instructor like you. It was your encouragement and hard work that helped me pass my test. Keep it up!..."

Betty M

Useful Links:

All about Learning To Drive at gov.uk --> gov.uk/browse/driving/learning-to-drive

Book your theory or practical driving test online

Book Theory --> gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test
Change Theory --> gov.uk/change-date-driving-theory-test

Book Practical --> gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test
Change Practical--> gov.uk/change-date-practical-driving-test

DVSA Website --> gov.uk/government/organisations/driving-standards-agency

'Show Me Tell Me' Questions from 4th December 2017

Advice for your Theory Test --> www.theorytestadvice.co.uk

Free Theory and Hazard Perception questions,
plus advice, help for all tests --> http://www.theory-test.co.uk

Advice, forums and help of all kinds for all tests --> www.2pass.co.uk

App for your mobile for your Theory Test from Focus Multimedia --> theorytestapp.co.uk

I recommend this site for download, or a disc (DVD-R) for Theory Test study,
and also has a huge amount of info for the practical test too:

Driving Test Success

--> Driving Test Success ALL TESTS New 2017 Edition (This can be found for £8 in Tescos / Sainsburys / Morrisons etc)

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