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About: Your Instructor

Malcolm - next to the Corsa - sitting on his Harley!

My name is Malcolm Evans, I will be your Instructor; I am a fully qualified DSA approved Instructor (ADI) and have been fully qualified for 15 years and am currently a Grade A Instructor (Grade A being the highest Grade that can be attained in the Standards Check) - prior to this, I was a part-time motorcycle Instructor for around 15 years. I am 52 years old, ride a Yamaha motorcycle and I also sing in 2 rock bands & work as a part-time mobile DJ, for anyone interested!

You will always be 1 to 1 with me, there are no shared lessons... I am patient, friendly, reliable, and encouraging, with up-to-date knowledge of all relevant motoring, safety and driving test issues. I will NEVER shout at you, no matter what you get wrong - you are paying for a lesson, and on a lesson you should be learning constructively as you go along, not simply being criticised for your shortcomings.

I also hold an Enhanced CRB certificate as part of DSA requirements, which shows that I have no criminal convictions of any kind.

About: Your Pickup & Lesson Duration

I am based in Peterborough, and cover Peterborough and the surrounding areas, presenting for tests at Peterborough Multi Purpose Test Centre. I also have knowledge of Cambridge's Cowley Road & Chesterton Road test centres plus Grantham and Kettering, and can present a pupil at those test centres by arrangement.

You will be picked up and dropped off at home, work or college as you prefer, at a time to suit you. However, if you are coming from outside of the city for any distance, it is better value for money if I pick you up from the Bus or Rail station - this will be cheaper for you than spending an hour of your lesson travelling to and from the test areas once we approach test day.

I don't smoke, so your lesson will never be interrupted for a 'fag break' - however if YOU need one then we can stop for a few minutes when appropriate (as it is illegal to smoke in the car, even when stationary!). With Lynnx, if you are paying for a 2 hour lesson, you will get the full 2 hours of tuition - not trips to the shops, stops for fag breaks, toilet breaks or other personal stops. If a lesson starts late or is terminated early, the lost time will be made up on other lessons wherever possible and practical, or a lower fee charged for lost time if it cannot be made up.

Usually, the lesson will be at least 90 minutes - very little can be achieved in a 1-hour lesson. It is better to take one 2 hour lesson in a week than 2 one hour lessons. On Intensive courses, the lessons will typically be 3 or 4 hours - but I will stage the lessons over two weeks, as pupils taking tests on a Friday afternoon after a week-long intensive course rarely pass, as they are so tired! No lesson will be longer than 4 hours, or your 'attention span' - whichever is the shorter.

On longer lessons (i.e. 3-4 hour lessons on an intensive course) there will be a break around half way through, as no driver should drive for more than 2 hours without stopping - especially a novice driver. However we do take books or learning aids along with us during the break, you are not paying to watch me read the paper in the coffee shop! (And I buy the drinks...)

And finally - while on lesson I do not answer my mobile phone (unless the car is stationary and the call is important!) - if you get the answerphone during the daytime, please do leave a message and I will return calls in between lessons as soon as I can.

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.

About: Your Car

*** From 1st August 2016, Lynnx School of Motoring will be teaching only Automatic and no longer offering manual lessons ***

Automatic Tuition

The Lynnx SoM Renault Zoe from March 2018

Your car will be a 2018 Renault Zoe... which has has a fully automatic gearbox.

The Zoe is a fully electric car - however the controls and driving experience are identical to that of a petrol / diesel engined car... and, Yes, you can drive any automatic car once you have passed, you're not restricted to an electric!

About: Your Tests

To gain a full UK car licence, you will need to pass two tests - Theory and Practical (driving); Lynnx primarily instructs for the Practical test, however coaching and mock testing for the Theory Test can also be done where required, using the latest commercial software and laptop, either on lesson - or at your home at no charge, if you prefer.

During lessons taken before Theory Test passing, I will put in questions and answers relevant to the Theory Test as we are driving around, in order for you to gain a better understanding of the answer - and to gain that first time pass! As part of Instructor qualification and Continuous Professional Development, I have had to pass both Theory and Hazard Perception tests to a very high standard, giving me an excellent knowledge of both the information and the skills required for a Learner to pass.

But before you can apply for the tests and start driving, you will need a Provisional Driving Licence. You can apply online, get a provisional driving licence application form from your local post office or by contacting the DVLA direct on 0870 240 0009. You can apply for your provisional car driving licence up to three months before your 17th birthday - and book your Theory Test for the day of your 17th birthday if you wish!

Please click --> HERE  for online licence application

The Theory test takes 2 parts - Theory, and Hazard Perception. You will be asked 50 questions to be answered by touch screen, and will have to identify various hazards seen in a series of 14 video clips by clicking at appropriate times.

You will need to get 43 out of 50 questions right on the Theory part, and 44 marks out of a possible 75 to pass the Hazard Perception part. You need to gain pass marks in both sections to pass - you will have to take both parts again if you fail, even if you only failed on one section. You cannot book a Practical Driving Test unless you have passed the Theory test.

Please click --> HERE for full details of the Theory test (Theorytestadvice.co.uk)

The practical driving test will be taken at the Peterborough Multi Purpose test centre, using the Lynnx Corsa - or your own car if you prefer. The DSA do not supply the car for your test, only the examiner! You will be picked up around a hour before the test time for a 'warm-up' lesson prior to the test, the test itself will take around 35-40 minutes in total, and then you will be dropped off at your preferred point after the test.

To pass, you must drive the whole of the test route, and return to the Test Centre with 15 or fewer minor ('Driving') faults and no 'Serious' or 'Dangerous' faults. The test is negatively marked, i.e. the examiner marks the things you do wrong, not what you do right - remember, everyone starts the test with a pass.

Please click --> HERE for a mini site with full details of the Practical Driving Test (DSA website).

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