Birthdays (*), Xmas parties, summer outdoor events - or club / pub / theme nights - the Firedance Roadshow is more than capable of providing the sound and light show required, and the music to please all generations present.


I am always aware that is it your event, not mine - I can work with you or your organiser to ensure that the music is the music that you and your guests want to hear, appropriate to the occasion --- and at an appropriate volume level. I will not play music that you have specifically asked me not to play!

I can use my years of experience to provide a good mix from the genres you prefer - or can work with you, either via email, phone or with a personal visit if required (and practical for distance!) to create a playlist of bands and/or tracks that you would like played. This service is provided free of charge for bookings.

[ Note: with playlists, the maximum number of songs I can play in a typical 4-hour party is around 60 - and there will always be requests on the night! ]


I will dress according to your wishes and the nature of the event - I can wear black tie if the occasion demands it, or more usually a dark shirt and dress trousers. I can dress casually if required / appropriate - but I will not perform wearing a t-shirt and jeans at a corporate function!


All equipment is of professional quality and is safety (PAT) tested; all speakers and lights are on heavy-duty stands where applicable, and all cables and equipment boxes are tidied away out of sight. All cables are securely taped to the floor where necessary.

The FDR carries its own Public Liability Insurance, plus I have my own Public Performance Licence - the latter being a legal requirement for an outdoor / marquee event. PLI, PAT and PPL documentation can be inspected at each and every gig, or beforehand if required by the venue / organisers / local council.


The price depends upon how long you want me there for and what service(s) you wish me to provide - but I won't charge you extra for travel or early setup, for example.

Please call or email me to discuss your requirements and I will give you a competitive price, which will be fully invoiced and receipted...

... but before closing this site and picking up the phone to book that DJ who has quoted you 50 quid, think about the possibility that booking the cheapest DJ you can find could make your party one to remember - for all the wrong reasons! Watch the video below, would you want this man DJing your 40th / your Mum & Dad's silver wedding party...?

£50 would hire you just one set of my lights or just one set of speakers from a disco hire shop... and a 'bedroom DJ' who turns up with a Woolworths disco ball, 100 watt amp and four hours of Drum & Bass may not go down too well with the rest of the family!

[ * Please note - I do not cover children's parties, school discos or 16th / 18th Birthdays ]

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