• Here is a listing / technical spec of the Firedance Roadshow:

      Music, Mixing & MCing
    • Numark Mixdeck CD / USB / iPod playout system
    • Numark D2 Director MP3 player / controller
    • Dell laptop PC with OTSDJ system
    • Compaq Pentium 4 laptop PC with OTSDJ system (backup)
    • Numark PP9000 digital mixer
    • Shure SM 58 plus Sony corded microphones
    • 3 x Behringer microphones (for backing vocals or miking up live band)
    • Sennheiser & Technics headphones

    • Mackie Active Speakers             

      Amps and Speakers
    • Phonic MQ3400 preamp / graphic equaliser
    • Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 splitter / mixer
    • Behringer Intelligent Feedback Destroyer
    • Laney Theatre 100TX4 PA mixer amp
    • QSC K12 - 12" active powered speakers (2000w x 2)
    • dB Tech Opera Sub 05 active powered subwoofer (800w x 2)
    • Tapco Thump - 15" active powered speakers (400w x 2)
    • Various speaker stands - on the floor or high in the air as needed!
    • Various microphone stands - straight, boom and short

      Lights and Atmospherics
    • Deckstand Booth Pro with 9ft lighting bar, front cloth to cover equipment
    • NJD starcloth
    • American DJ white LED starball

      The Firedance Roadshow uses Martin Lighting

    • 2 x Martin Acrobat barrel scanners DMX'd
      The Firedance Roadshow uses Prolight truss and Acme Lighting
    • Prolight 4m windup trussing system
    • 2 x LEDJ Blockbuster 6 LED light bars DMX'd
    • 2 x LEDJ 252 LED light bars DMX'd
    • 2 x Acme 'Inferno' fire effect projector lights

      Chauvet Lighting

    • ... and a Chauvet mini-flame effect light!

    The 'Firedance'!

    All equipment is flightcased and safety tested (PAT tested) where applicable.