Frequently Asked Questions

[ Note: you may want to ask the DJ who has
quoted you 60 quid some of these questions too...
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[ 1. How Much Do You Charge? I've got a quote of £60 / I'm thinking of having an iPod Wedding... ]

[ 2. What Music do you play? Do you play requests? Can you play from a playlist that I provide?]

[ 3. Do you have PL Insurance / PAT Testing / Public Performance & ProDub Licence /CRB Certificate / Inland Revenue registration?]

[ 4. Do you have microphones for me to use for speeches / announcements etc? ]

[ 5. Do you use a smoke machine / lasers / strobe lighting?]

[ 6. Can you turn it down / up? ]

[ 7. Can you DJ alongside a band that we have booked? Can they plug into your equipment? ]

[ 8. Do you use vinyl / turntables / a laptop? ]

[ 9. My mate / brother is a wicked DJ / singer / MC, can he have a go on your rig? ]

[ 10. Anything you won't do? ]

1: How Much Do You Charge?

Ahh always the first question! The answer is - 'Depends'!! If you want just a typical 4 hour evening party / wedding reception with a 6pm setup, then this will costs less than if you require me to DJ from 12 midday, provide background music for the meal and cordless microphones for the speeches and then DJ from 7pm to 2am.

NOTE: The average amount spent on a UK wedding in 2010 was £20,000.
(Source: Radio 2, Jeremy Vine Show feature on wedding costs, 18.2.2011) - and you want a disco for £60?

If the answer is yes, please click HERE and watch this video on YouTube...

Please contact me with details of your event and I will give you a fair and competitive price. I will require a £50 advance booking fee for most bookings in advance of the event, which will be properly invoiced and receipted, the balance either to be paid on the night in cash, or by cheque a minimum of 14 days beforehand.


I can't take credit card payment, but I can take PayPal payment for the advance booking fee at no extra charge, or for full payment at a £5 surcharge (to cover PayPal fees) if this is more convenient for you. A full list of Terms & Conditions will be supplied with your invoice when booking.

I will:

--- Quote you one price which will include travel & setup.

--- Bring as much of my equipment as is appropriate to the event and will fit into the venue.

I will not:

charge you 'hidden extras' such as travel by the mile, setup costs, waiting time by the hour or VAT.
--- charge you more for wedding / party playlist creation or for wedding planning if you require it.
--- bring a 'Bronze' or 'Basic' Roadshow just because you are paying less.

[ Please Note - If you want me to play for an hour or two longer on the night then this will be charged at an hourly rate of £25/hr... would you work an extra hour at work for free? Additionally, by arrangement, I can provide sound / PA for a band you have booked who do not have their own PA, at an additional cost of £100 - see q. 7 below ]

I've got a quote of £60, can you match it?

    My apologies - but No - for my base price you would not be able to hire even half of my equipment for the evening, let alone music and a DJ.

    Low rate DJs will commonly:

    •  Have very basic equipment, with cheap / old lights and poor quality sound systems
    •  Play music from a laptop full of illegal downloads
    •  Wear inappropriate clothing, e.g. jeans / t-shirt / sportswear

      --- and will commonly not:

    •  Have Public Liability Insurance or safety (PAT) testing certificates for their equipment
    •  Have a ProDub or Public Performance Licence
    •  Provide you with a home address or home phone number to contact them on, only a mobile number / hotmail address
    •  Not confirm the booking with a contract or offer to meet you beforehand

      And very often, if they are offered a gig for more money than yours, you could find yourself being let down at the last minute - or even simply without a DJ on your special day when they fail to turn up, or if the venue will not allow them to set up as they do not have the required paperwork.

    • I offer a high end professional service and have spent many thousands of pounds on equipment and music - all bookings are confirmed in writing, and all my music is 100% legal --- if I wanted to earn just £60 in a working evening I would be working behind the bar, not the decks!

...The sweetness of a cheap price is soon forgotten,
while the bitterness of poor quality is long remembered...

iPod Wedding?

iPod Weddings - thinking of 'Doing It Yourself' instead of hiring a DJ?

I can bring along and set up my usual full sound and light system for you to plug your Ipod into, should you wish to save on costs, plus microphones for you to use - for Public Liability reasons I have to accompany the equipment, but this will typically cost up to £100 less than my full service.

If required, I can take over and DJ the night if you change your mind on the day - or halfway through the night - but an additional fee will be payable for this if so, cost depending on how long I am required to DJ.

So, for the price of hiring less than half of my equipment from a hire shop, you can 'Do It Yourself' with the peace of mind that backup of equipment - and music - is available for your special day, while still allowing you 100% control over the music played.

However! Please watch this example --> HERE <-- on YouTube as to why you should NOT try and do the wedding all by yourself with an iPod and equipment hired from a hire shop...

2. What Music do you play? Do you play requests? Can you play from a playlist that I provide?

Yes, of course I will play requests - if I have the song and it is appropriate to the event then I will play it... however I do reserve the right to refuse requests for songs with swearing or explicit sexual / drug references at family events / weddings. If I play anything with one of these stickers on it at a wedding, for example, it usually is quickly followed by a 'stern reprimand' in my direction from a senior family member...

Parental Advisory

It is your event - so I am happy to play the music that you want to hear; I am happy to work with you to organise a suitable playlist before the event - either by email or a personal visit if required / practical... but my experience has shown that sticking rigidly to a playlist will usually upset some people on the night, so around 50% playlist is a happy medium.

I have music from all major genres from the last 50 years plus an extensive selection of rock music... however I will not play music that you have specifically asked me not to play!

3. Do you have Public Liability Insurance / Safety (PAT) testing on electrical equipment / Public Performance & ProDub Licence
/ CRB Certificate / are you registered with the Inland Revenue?

Yes to all of those! All certificates are available for inspection either before or on the night, as required.

The Firedance Roadshow carries
£1 Million Public Liability Insurance

The Taxman!
The Firedance Roadshow is registered with the Inland Revenue, all bookings are fully invoiced and receipted, with signed contracts being issued for each booking.

Criminal Records Bureau

I presently hold an Enhanced CRB certificate.

The Firedance Roadshow has been fully PAT tested for electrical safety - click HERE for more info
Public Performance LicencedProDub licence
The Firedance Roadshow holds a Public Performance Licence - legal to perform in ANY venue, whether it has its own licence or not, (e.g. is a legal requirement for outside events and village halls where the public can attend.)

Also it holds a ProDub licence, required for a laptop / DJ system.

4. Do you have microphones for me to use for speeches / announcements etc?

Yes, I have both cordless microphones and corded microphones which can be used as requested / required.

5. Do you use a smoke machine / lasers / strobe lighting?

With the UK smoking ban, the majority of venues do not allow smoke machines, so I don't usually carry one - however I can bring one along if you wish but will only use this where (i) requested, (ii) if the venue approves it and (iii) there is no-one with respiratory complaints present. If it is on, it can be switched off and kept off if anyone present objects. I do not use strobe lighting or lasers.

6. Can you turn it down / up...?

The volume level is as you require it - I happy to turn it up or down as required. Many events like to have a 'talk hour' where the music is at low volume and then turn it up for dancing... if it's too loud then please ask for it to be turned down. A 3kW system will be suitable for up to 300 people in a medium sized venue / marquee - but at full volume would be painfully loud in a small pub back room!

7. Can you DJ alongside a band that we have booked? Can they plug into your equipment?

Yes to the first - I played in bands myself for many years so am very experienced with that - and I will always make sure I am not playing half of the bands' setlist beforehand!

And for 2009, the answer to the second question is also Yes - however I will need prior notice for this; it would not be possible for a band to plug into a dedicated disco sound system.

My usual equipment is dedicated DJ equipment and not suitable for use as a Band PA; Most bands will have (or can supply) their own if you ask them.

I can set up sound and microphones for a solo artiste, duo or small band (4-6 piece) for you if you wish, I have all equipment required to set up and mix a band - 12 channel desk plus all microphones, cables and stands required - this will normally be £100 extra on top of normal DJ fees and is all inclusive (i.e. PA hire, sound setup, soundchecking and microphone mixing for a 3-6 piece band in a small venue - plus paying someone to keep the disco running while I am doing all this!

Click --> HERE <--- for more details of my PA hire service.

8. Do you use vinyl / turntables / a laptop?

I use CDs only, plus a digital playout system; Vinyl is mainly for dance / club use these days. I do have a laptop DJ system but this is used as a backup source of music and searchable database, not to do all the work for me! If I am on my own, I may use the laptop to cover a song or two during a trip to the loo / bar / buffet or if I am helping with a band (see (7) above) or if I have to replace a bulb that has blown in one of my lights - but not to replace me as a DJ.

9. My mate / brother is a wicked DJ / singer / MC, can he have a go on your rig?

I am afraid not - for Health & Safety / Public Liability reasons only myself can operate the roadshow... and I am a disco not a karaoke. I can arrange DJ input facilities as PA Hire with prior notice, but cannot allow random strangers to take over on the night!

10. Anything you won't do?

I don't do Children's Parties / school discos, Karaoke (I am a DJ only), nor do I do 16th / 18th Birthdays - unless there are responsible and sober adults present! Additionally I do not have enough tracks to cover an entire night of R 'n B, Drum & Bass or Hip Hop although I do have a small selection.

Also I will not play horrifically cheesey music all night long (unless you have specially asked for it!) or music that is inappropriate to the event.

No Cheese!