• All equipment used is professional quality and is well maintained to give a compact but powerful rig.

  • 21st Century sound system --- fully active 6-speaker system plus subwoofers with up to 6000 watts of undistorted digital sound - clear highs and superphat bass!!!

       Mackie Active Speakers 
      Behringer Professional Equalisation

  • CD quality-only music - professionally equalised, mixed and crossfaded;

  • Industry-standard intelligent lighting rig - not just a few flashing bulbs in boxes

    The Firedance Roadshow uses Martin Lighting  The Firedance Roadshow uses Prolight truss and Acme Lighting

  • Smoke machine can be used if required / requested

  • Cordless microphones available for wedding speeches / corporate events etc.

  • The sound mix is tailored to the venue & the audience - as is the volume level.

  • All electrical equipment is safety tested (PAT tested), certificates are available for inspection at each and every gig.

  • The FDR carries its own Public Liability Insurance and Public Performance Licence.

  • Backups of major items, music and electrical spares are always carried in case of equipment failure.

The image below shows the standard Roadshow - 4kW of sound

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The 'standard' Firedance Roadshow, May 2011

Click here for a video clip of the light show (wmv file, 2.8 Mb)

The image below shows the view from behind the DJ playout console for 2015

The  Firedance Roadshow, February 2009

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