My name is Malcolm Evans, also known as 'Taff' to many... I am fully self-employed - a part-time DJ and also a DSA Approved Driving Instructor in the daytime... I am 48 years old, married, with no children, for anyone interested!

Malcolm with Driving School Car, sitting on his Harley Davidson motorcycle

After playing guitar for many years in rock bands, I began DJing rock & biker events in 2000, (see History page for full details), gradually upgrading my equipment and music range over the years to today, where I am able to offer a professional mobile DJ service to cover any adult event.

I commonly DJ black tie / corporate / wedding / birthday events, but I continue to DJ at rock, biker and alternative events and regularly promote and DJ at local rock nights / clubs.

I have DJ'd at many venues local to Cambridge while living there - Holiday Inn, Garden House, The Belfry (Cambourne), HInchingbrooke House (Huntingdon), Swynford Paddocks (6 Mile Bottom), Chilford Hall (Linton), Wyboston Lakes (St Neots) and Peterborough Rugby Club.

Biker events over the last 10 years have ranged from clubhouses and small one-day shows up to main arena DJ for 8,000 in 2002.

This is me - spinning the discs March 2007