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July 2002

After nearly 3 years of doing these Unofficial sites, they have had to close.

As for many people I know, web design is no longer something I can make a living from, so I have to look elsewhere and retrain for a new career in order to keep what is mine, now and in the future.

A policy of deliberate neglect on the sites over the last few months has produced not one email this time, meanwhile traffic is lower than when the sites started. With no payment (ever) and no official support I sadly have to stop these sites as I don't have the time to update them each month.

Additionally, and tragically - AWoL has been shelved by Inside Communications on an indefinite basis - so I couldn't do that site any more if I wanted to!

This may not be a permanent state - so do stop by every so often as I may start them up again if I have time.

Thanks for stopping by for all these months - ride safe y'all.

Taff, 110% Unofficial Webmaster

Right thass it I'm off to the beer tent...

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